Here at Morsecom we do not take partnership lightly: our customers and vendors are the cornerstone of our collective success. The intent of this message is to update everyone regarding our continued effort and fight against Cyber Terrorism. Our hope is to raise awareness and mutual perspective while keeping our extraordinary community safe.

Please take time to read and review our most recent event and what we believe to be the best ways to protect your organization. Should you have questions or concerns, our teams are standing by to assist you in securing your most valuable assets and intellectual property.

On Thursday, September 24, 2020 at approximately 5:30pm EST, we at Morsecom received communication from the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding one of our external networks being involved with an organization known for conducting malicious attacks on the internet. After working to identify the threat, we quickly narrowed down the search to one secure network. The realization that a remote system was accessed due to successful phishing effort was being used to propagate malware and ransomware rapidly activated our infrastructure and security teams. The network was isolated as we followed standard security mitigation practices to close access to both the network and the system in question, which was followed by resetting all user passwords. Once our efforts were completed, we maintained in constant collaboration with the F.B.I. who provided realtime telemetry and confirmed our protocols were successful.

To keep all our networks, applications and partners safe we follow and deliver advanced security standards. Three key areas made up by the following: first, Network Security; second, Application Security; and third, Endpoint Security. These are the three pillars to combat Cyber Terrorism, from our perspective. The difficult reality is, without education many of these measures will fail you. Employee awareness and training is equally - if not more - important than password expiration, complexity and multi-factor authentication. Even after all the protection we provide, an employee who succumbs to a phishing attack can open up even the most secured network. Our best defense is working together with our Partners to secure environments and provide education along the way.

As an added layer of protection, Morsecom maintains Cyber Security insurance, which covers our Partners from exploitation originating on or from Morsecom-owned property and services. Please note that this only covers your organization IF the attack is determined, by a third party audit, to have originated on Morsecom property or services. It is imperative in today’s day and age to maintain business or corporate Cyber Security insurance policies to protect all of your property. This way, together we will protect each other from malicious exploitation and loss.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our offices or your Morsecom Account Manager. We will continue to provide transparent information and details as we continue our fight against Cyber Terrorism.

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